Board of Trustees

March 14, 2013 @7:30pm

Agenda and Minutes

Call to Order

Pledge of Allegiance

Members Present/Members Absent

Call to the Public

1.)    Approval of Agenda

2.)    Consent Agenda

                        a.) Approval of February 28, 2013 Regular Meeting Minutes  

                       b.) EDC Invoice $8000

                        c.) Peavy Road Flow Meter Readings

                        d.) Complaint Report

                        e.) DPW Report

                         f.) Treasurers Report

                         g.) Zoning Report

              3.)  Marion Oaks

              4.)   Marion Township Roads

              5.)    HAPRA Budget

              6.)    Sewer Rates

              7.)    Copperfield Report

              8.)    Crystal Wood Report

              9.)     Sunridge Report

              10.)   Heritage Days Wine Tasting


               MTA Update

Call to the Public




MEMBERS PRESENT:               Bob Hanvey, Les Andersen, Dan Lowe, Tammy Beal, Jim Murray, Paula Wyckoff, and Scott Lloyd

MEMBERS ABSENT:                 None



Bob Hanvey called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.  



The board members introduced themselves. 


Kathy Johnson, 3175 Mason Road , and her daughter, Stacy Griffith, were present regarding an adult foster care home on Mason Road .  The property is zoned Suburban Residential, which does not allow for a large (13-20 bed) group home, but does allow hospitals.  The current zoning does allow a 7-12 bed facility.  She asked the board members’ opinion on rezoning, modifying the zoning ordinance, etc.  Bob Hanvey said the land use impact is the same, and said that Article 20 contains information on the procedure to request a change in the zoning ordinance.  Mr. Hanvey advised Ms. Johnson to discuss the time table for appearing before the Planning Commission with the zoning administrator.

Brian Hitchcock from MBH introduced himself to the board members.

David Meagher, 363 Tortoise Drive , and John & Jackie Gores, 242 Slider Ave. , presented a letter to the board signed by 20 residents of Turtle Creek regarding the current Board of Directors of Turtle Creek.  Bob Hanvey asked Mr. Meagher to send him the email addresses of all of those residents who are interested and he will forward the information to S.R. Jacobson.  Mr. Hanvey also said he will call the developer to discuss the issues outlined in the letter.


Dan Lowe asked to have item #11—Mason Road Pump Station Driveway, added to the agenda.  Les Andersen motioned to approve the agenda as amended.  Paula Wyckoff seconded.  Motion carried 7-0.


Les Andersen motioned to approve the consent agenda.  Paula Wyckoff seconded.  Roll call vote:  Lowe, Lloyd, Beal, Hanvey, Wyckoff , Andersen, Murray —all yes.  Motion carried 7-0.


Les Andersen motioned to adopt a resolution to approve the revised consent judgment as presented.  Jim Murray seconded.  Roll call vote:  Wyckoff , Murray , Hanvey, Lloyd, Beal, Andersen, Lowe—all yes.  Resolution passed 7-0.


Three quotes were received for dust control services:  MBH Marketing LLC, Michigan Chloride Sales LLC, and Advanced Dust Control.  Dan Lowe said he would like the work to go to a local provider, and motioned to select MBH for the 2013 season.  Les Andersen seconded.  Roll call vote:  Beal, Andersen, Murray , Wyckoff , Lowe, Hanvey, Lloyd—all yes.  Motion carried 7-0.


Debbie Mikula, HAPRA Director, was present to ask for the board’s approval of the HAPRA 2013-14 proposed budget.  Paula Wyckoff motioned to approve the budget as presented.  Jim Murray seconded.  Motion carried 7-0.


A proposal for a sanitary sewer system asset evaluation study is included in the packet.  Phil Westmoreland was present to answer any questions.  Charlie Musson advised the board that there was a 20-year study done 10-12 years ago.  Les Andersen motioned to approve the evaluation study proposed by Spicer Group as presented for $24,400, and to discuss with the CPA what account should be used to pay for the study.  Tammy Beal seconded.  Roll call vote:  Hanvey, Lowe, Wyckoff , Beal, Lloyd, Murray , Andersen—all yes.  Motion carried 7-0.


Bob Hanvey updated the board members; an annual meeting was held on Thursday, March 7.  Two lots have been sold, and the builder is confident that all of the lots will be sold soon.


Bob Hanvey received an email from Mr. Elkow regarding a meeting he would like to hold with Crystalwood Estates at the township hall on March 26.


Bob Hanvey updated the board members on a meeting held with Manny from S.R. Jacobson regarding Sunridge Phases 2 & 3.  The board members also discussed the road behind the Best Western that was required when 171 units were built.


Les Andersen motioned to adopt a resolution to approve a wine tasting event on Saturday, June 8, 2013 during the Heritage Days festival.  Jim Murray seconded.  Roll call vote:  Murray , Beal, Andersen, Lowe, Hanvey, Lloyd, Wyckoff —all yes.  Resolution passed 7-0.

Bob Hanvey said there are two new features being considered for Heritage Days:  an auction on Saturday, and a one-day dog park fundraiser.  The next Heritage Days meeting is Monday, March 18 at 7:00 pm .


Dan Lowe said the pump station needs a second driveway or a horseshoe driveway; it’s difficult to plow and a dangerous situation.  Dan Lowe and Phil Westmoreland will schedule a visit to the site.

ROADS (Repairs)

Bob Hanvey passed out estimates received from the LCRC for Jewell Road and Coon Lake Road repairs.  He asked the board members to review for further discussion.


An MTA Weekly Update from February 22 is included in the packet with information on HB 4251, which would allow townships to request competitive bidding on road projects when the township contributes 50% or more of the project’s cost.  No final action has been taken on this bill.


Charlie Musson, 333 Triangle Lake Road , said the Board of Review met this week and everything went very well.  Ninety-nine petitions were reviewed.  He also asked why the old site plan for Best Western was approved with the road as depicted.

Robert Hanson, 1055 Wright Road , asked about the Marion Oaks property.  Bob Hanvey provided him with the copy of the amended consent judgment, and told him the original document is on the township’s website.


Les Andersen motioned to adjourn at 8:58 pm .  Tammy Beal seconded.  Motion carried 7-0.