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                                 MARION TOWNSHIP

               Board of Trustees

                 April 8, 2004 - Draft Minutes  

MEMBERS PRESENT:            Bob Hanvey, Sue Lingle, Dan Lowe, Myrna Schlittler and Dave Hamann

MEMBERS ABSENT:                      None                                           



Bob Hanvey called the meeting to order at 7:32 p.m.


Sue Lingle asked to have three items added to the agenda:  Recreation Authority, Policy for Board Meetings and 

Agendas, and Litter Ordinance.  Dan Lowe said Bill Richardson asked to have the item on the Change Order deleted 

from the agenda. Dave Hamann motioned to approve the agenda as amended. Sue Lingle seconded. Motion carried 5-0.  


Bob Hanvey asked any one with comments related to the rezoning agenda items to please hold comments until 

after the presentation has been made. 


Special Board of Trustees Meeting, March 11, 2004

Myrna Schlittler motioned to approve the minutes as presented.  Dave Hamann seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.

Board of Trustees Meeting, March 11, 2004

Mr. Hanvey asked for a clarification on page 5 regarding collecting summer taxes.  Sue Lingle asked to have the 

wording changed to ďResolution made by Myrna Schlittler for the Treasurer to collect summer taxes for the Howell 

Public Schools at the rate of $4 per parcel.Ē Sue Lingle motioned to approve the minutes as amended.  

Dave Hamann seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.

Ways & Means Meeting April 5, 2004

Dave Hamann motioned to approve the minutes as presented.  Sue Lingle seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.


Building Pay Request

A two-page spreadsheet was included in the packets.  The total request is for $81,325.

Myrna Schlittler motioned to approve payment of the building pay request in the amount of $81,325.  

Dan Lowe seconded.  Roll call vote:  Dan Lowe, Myrna Schlittler, Bob Hanvey, Sue Lingle, Dave Hamannóall yes. 

Motion carried 5-0.


Marion Oaks Rezoning Request

Tom Kalas, 40900 Woodward Ave., Suite 315, Bloomfield Hills, was present representing the petitioner on this rezoning 

request.  The petitioner is seeking rezoning of the golf course from Suburban Residential (SR) to Urban Residential (UR).

  The petitioner also submitted a PUD application for residential mixed use.  The proposal calls for 272 single-family 

attached units and 358 single-family detached units, for a total of 630 units.  The plan is for a commercial center, and 

to leave the clubhouse and add a pool, softball diamond, soccer field, and nature trails.  Mr. Kalas presented a 

conceptual plan for the property.  Mr. Kalas stated that itís not economically feasible to continue operating as a golf

course, and itís not economically feasible to develop with the current SR zoning.  Mr. Kalas said that north of this site 

is The Meadows, 42 acres proposed for 147 units, which was rezoned from SR to UR.  The overall density for The

 Meadows is 3.5 units per acre.  Woodberry Park was rezoned from SR to UR.  The overall density for Woodberry is 

3.99 units per acre for a total of 120 units.  Hometown Village of Marion, south of The Meadows and closer to the 

petitionerís property, was rezoned from SR to UR with a PUD option.  The overall density of HVM is 3.34 units per acre. 

The proposed rezoning for the golf course would provide an overall density of 2.88 units per acre, which is less than the 

other three rezonings.  Mr. Kalas feels the request is not unreasonable, a development pattern has been established, 

the township has set the precedent for granting rezonings to UR density, and the property is located within a sanitary 

sewer and water district.  South of the petitionerís property is the proposed new high school, and the school may 

possibly bring sewer and water down Pinckney Road (D-19) directly in front of the golf course.  Mr. Kalas said the

market calls for this type of development, and is requesting the township board to approve the rezoning of the property. 

Sue Lingle asked Mr. Kalas if he is an attorney.  Mr. Kalas said yes.  Ms. Lingle asked if it was appropriate to bring a 

conceptual plan to a rezoning request.  Mr. Kalas said rezoning is his area of expertise, and he typically does submit 

a conceptual site plan.  Ms. Lingle said if the property is rezoned, his conceptual plan isnít necessarily what will go there. 

 Mr. Hanvey asked if the barns on the southern end of the property would be removed.  Mr. Kalas said yes.  Mr. Kalas 

said the lots would be 55 foot, 70 foot and 80 foot.  The condos will be four-plex units.  The 55-foot lots (with housing) will 

run approximately $180-210,000; the 70 foot and 80 foot lots would be priced in the low to mid $200ís.  The condo units

would be priced from $170-200,000.  The plan would create a community with shopping, walking trails, and housing 

options for parents, children, and grandchildren.  Dan Lowe said the rezoning would allow up to 10 units per acre.  

Mr. Kalas said a Special Use Permit would be required.  Mr. Lowe asked where Mr. Kalas got information on sewer 

and water running to the school, as he isnít aware of any plans.  Mr. Kalas said itís information heard on the street.  

Mr. Lowe said itís nothing the township has to do, only a possibility.  Mr. Lowe wanted to confirm that Mr. Kalas said 

developing the property with the current zoning isnít reasonable.  Mr. Kalas said itís not economically feasible with the 

current zoning.  Mr. Lowe said the current zoning is SR, and what Mr. Kalas is saying is 20,000 square foot lots arenít 

economically feasible. Mr. Lowe said other developers who looked at the parcel felt it was feasible. Mr. Kalas said his 

studies show that it isnít. Mr. Lowe asked what makes it profitable. Mr. Kalas said itís different for each developer. 

Mr. Hanvey asked Mr. Kalas to confirm that the developer is Landtech.  Mr. Kalas said yes.  Mr. Hanvey asked if they 

would continue operating as a golf course this year.  Mr. Kalas said they would keep the golf course open for right now. 

 Mr. Hanvey said that itís not economically feasible to operate as a golf course, but theyíre going to do it anyway.  

Mr. Kalas explained that thereís no profit, but it will pay the interest and taxes.  Mr. Lowe asked Mr. Kalas if he has the 

profitability numbers for the two zonings, both SR and UR.  Mr. Kalas said no, there is no feasibility analysis. Mr. Hanvey

asked if there had been an attempt to sell the property as a golf course.  Mr. Kalas said he didnít know. 

Call to the Public

Dave Tiihonen, 3146 New Holland Drive:  Mr. Tiihonen said thereís another development like this north of town on 

M-59 and the buildings are sitting vacant.  Mr. Hanvey asked for the name of the development.  Mr. Tiihonen said Town 

Commons.  Mr. Tiihonen said if this type of development is sought after, those condos should be packed with people and 

theyíre not.

Allison Tiihonen, 3146 New Holland Drive:  Mr. Kalas keeps referring to the demand for this type of development, 

yet the developments have houses sitting vacant.  Mrs. Tiihonen also asked about a traffic study.  Mr. Hanvey said traffic 

studies had been submitted and the township Planning Commission went over them extensively.  The level of service on 

Pinckney Road would be reduced from Level C to Level D.  Mr. Hanvey asked Mr. Kalasí traffic engineer, Carlo Santia, 

to give a summary of the report.

Mr. Santia said he evaluated Pinckney Road and Wright Road and the impact the proposed development would have. 

Pinckney Roadís current 2004 volume is approximately 14,000 cars, and Wright Road has approximately 300 cars per day.

  The proposed development would generate approximately 7600 vehicles.  The majority of those would go north on 

Pinckney Road.  Mr. Santia referenced a trip distribution report shows approximately 1600 cars accessing off of 

Wright Road, 4300 would go north on Pinckney Road, 2300 south of Pinckney Road based on his distribution.  The 

distribution was based on existing traffic volumes.  Pinckney Road is the significant road, with an existing level of service C.

Mr. Hanvey asked Mr. Santia to explain what ďCĒ means.  Mr. Santia said there are six levels of service:  A is free-flowing, 

no congestion; B is stable flow, with a few restrictions; C is stable but movement is restricted by other vehicles; D is high

 density, but stable flow of traffic with some restrictions; E is near capacity with unstable flow and severe restrictions; F is 

unstable with force flow with stop and go conditions.  Pinckney Road currently is a Level C and the project at build-out 

would create level of service D.  Mr. Santia said Pinckney Road is almost at Level D regardless of the project build-out in 

approximately 10 years based on growth in general.  Mr. Hanvey asked times of day the numbers are predicted.  

Mr. Santia said am and pm peak hours.  Mr. Santia said the school would add approximately 1600-2000 cars per day. 

Mary Ann Bahr, 3201 Grass Lake Court:  Ms. Bahr said she made similar comments at the Livingston County Planning 

Commission meeting, and wanted to reiterate them for the township board.  Ms. Bahr feels the UR density is too high for 

this area.  To support her opinion, the 2002 Marion Township Comprehensive Plan survey results indicate that preservation

 of the natural environment is a high priority at 77%; the preservation of agriculture is a high priority at 58%; growth 

management is a high priority at 77%; preservation of open space is a high priority at 71%; 72% strongly agreed that 

providing a low density, rural atmosphere is a priority; 71% strongly agree that preserving natural features of the 

environment is a priority; 80% strongly agree that preserving natural features of the township such as open space, 

woodlands, and wetlands is a high priority; 48% strongly disagree that expanding public water/sewer provisions is a 

priority; 66% disagree that encouraging higher density residential developments with public sewer is a priority; and 

50% of the respondents donít feel that encouraging road connections between neighboring residential developments

 is a priority.  SEMCOG information on road studies and traffic incidents in Marion Township shows that the 

Pinckney Road/Wright Road intersection is ranked number 12.  This is far too much traffic for Pinckney Road to handle.  

Ms. Bahrís final statement is that she feels it is economically feasible to develop the property with one-acre lots. 

Jeff Barber, 848 Wright Road:  Mr. Barber totally disagrees with the proposed density, and asks that the board not

approve this rezoning.

Lisa Barber, 848 Wright Road:  Ms. Barber read a letter she had previously read to the township Planning Commission 

stating her objections to the proposed rezoning.  Mrs. Barber also feels this will impact the value of homes in the area. 

Horace Cole, 918 Francis Road:  Mr. Cole asked if there are enough REUís available?  Mr. Hanvey said the system was 

sized assuming the golf course would remain zoned at SR, and a rezoning to UR would put the system out of balance.  

Ms. Bahr asked what an REU is.  Mr. Hanvey said Residential Equivalency Unit, the amount of sewage a residential 

structure would be assumed to produce in one day. 

Dave Tiihonen, 3146 New Holland Drive:  Wright Road currently has 300 cars per day, which will increase another 

1600 cars with the new school, and then the township residents will be responsible for improvements and maintenance.  

Mr. Hanvey said there would probably be some improvement to the road when the school is built.  The school has 

purchased property that will provide access off of Pinckney Road.  Ms. Barber said the last article in the newspaper 

indicated students and buses would access off of Wright Road.

 Close Call to the Public

Mr. Hanvey said in terms of the 1992 Master Plan, the area where the golf course was intended to have a fairly low 

density.  The master plan that is being worked on for 2004 hasnít changed that designation.  According to the two 

master plans, the area is not designated for UR density.  As far as sewer and water, increasing the density would 

throw the sewer capacity out of balance and create a burden.  There are traffic issues involved.  At the traffic 

summit last year, several right turn lanes that were supposed to be put in along Pinckney Road from Coon Lake Road 

to I-96, and none of that happened.  The traffic summit this year, fostered by MDOT, has led the township to believe

 thereís no surplus of money.  There is talk about a road millage for this year.  Basically, the future of Pinckney Road 

in terms of a better level of service is uncertain right now.  Any rezoning thatís done would be associated with the 

property, not the owner of the property.  A UR zoning allows several uses that would be more intense than the 

proposed development and thereís no guarantee or requirement that the applicant would develop the property as 

currently proposed.  The board needs to consider the potential of a rezoning regardless of who owns the property. 

Ms. Lingle said the board should look at the surrounding property. The property surrounding this parcel on the east,

 west and north is zoned SR.  To the south, itís zoned Rural Residential (RR).  Ms. Lingle feels this is a request for 

spot zoning. Mr. Hanvey said at the public hearings held by the township Planning Commission, there were a number 

of comments opposed to the development, and none in favor.  At the county Planning Commission, approximately 10 

people spoke who were opposed to the development, and none in favor.  Mr. Hanvey asked Dave Hamann to summarize 

the township Planning Commissionís findings.  Mr. Hamann said the PC recommended denial for a number of reasons:  

spot zoning, surrounding property, could be developed as SR with a PUD overlay, traffic, sewer capacity.  One of the 

strongest was the property could be developed as SR with a PUD overlay, which would allow 436 units. 

With regard to RZN #6-03, commonly known as Marion Oaks rezone, and upon reviewing the data submitted by the 

applicant, the Planning Commission public hearing minutes of 1/27/04, and regular Planning Commission minutes 

of 2/24/04 recommending denial, John Ambrose & Company planning review letters of 2/16/04 and 1/16/04 recommending 

denial, and minutes of the Livingston County Planning Commission recommending disapproval, Sue Lingle motioned to 

deny RZN #6-03 from Suburban Residential (SR) zoning to Urban Residential (UR) zoning based on the following:

It is not in keeping with the township master plan for this site.  The UR zoning is to be established only within the urban 

services where existing public services are adequate.

1.  Proposed rezoning would represent ďspot zoningĒ as properties to the east, west and north are zoned SR and to the 

     south is RR.

2.  Negative effect on road LOS if property is developed as UR, which could be as high as 10 units per acre.

3.  The high density would not be compatible with the neighboring area.  The property is situated in an area of SR and RR, 

     and is master planned for open space residential.

4.   It appears to be economically feasible to develop the property as SR with a PUD or as a site condo.

5.  It is the opinion of the board that this property can be utilized under the current zoning.

6.  There are adequate areas within the urban services that are zoned UR and are yet to be developed.

7.   Residents of the township have voiced their disapproval through the public hearings, Planning Commission meetings, 

      and correspondence to the board.

8.   Both the Marion Township Planning Commission and the Livingston County Planning Commission have recommended


Dan Lowe seconded.  Roll call vote:  Dave Hamann, Sue Lingle, Bob Hanvey, Myrna Schlittler, Dan Loweóall yes.  

Motion carried 5-0.

Liquor License Transfer

Sue Lingle moved by resolution to approve the transfer of the liquor license from Marion Oaks to Dominic Geric and

Gateno Rizzo.  Myrna Schlittler seconded.  Roll call vote:  Bob Hanvey, Sue Lingle, Myrna Schlittler, Dan Lowe, 

Dave Hamannóall yes.  Resolution passed 5-0.

Fire Authority Articles of Incorporation

Mr. Hanvey said the basic change is that during any time when the fire authority is fully funded by millage, the

budgets can be set by the fire board and the township board will not have to be involved.  If the fire authority is 

ever not fully funded by millage, then the township boards will have to approve the budget on an annual basis. 

Myrna Schlittler moved by resolution to approve the change in the Fire Authority Articles of Incorporation. Dan Lowe 

seconded.  Roll call vote:  Sue Lingle, Myrna Schlittler, Bob Hanvey, Dave Hamann, Dan Loweóall yes.  

Resolution passed 5-0.

Fees for New Parcels

The assessor, Tonia Clifford, presented the board with a proposed form for Application for Parcel Description 

Change, which replaces four separate forms for requests such as splits, combinations, and boundary line changes. 

Ms. Clifford asked the board to consider what fees would be appropriate for requests a property owner in a 

platted sub or site condo might make. Sue Lingle motioned to charge fees for metes and bounds as recommended 

by the assessor.  For platted subdivision, the first three options on the right side of the form would be charged a 

flat $75 fee, and the fourth option would follow the regular fee schedule.  Myrna Schlittler seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.

REU Financing

Mr. Hanvey provided the board with a list of possible options for handling REUs.  The township currently follows 

option 1, which could be a substantial burden to the developer.  Mr. Hanvey discussed the pros and cons for each 

option.  Whichever option the township board chooses, Mr. Hanvey would like to see it remain in place for at least 

one year.  Mr. Lowe feels the current situation is the worst of all situations.  He would like to have the developer 

pay for a percentage of the project so itís even for everyone.  Mr. Hanvey said option two requires 50%.  

Mr. Lowe feels 50% is a little high.  Ms. Lingle said the board needs to verify this type of option would be legal.  

Ms. Schlittler thought it would just be a policy change.  Ms. Lingle said she would have no problem with option two 

if the attorney okays it.  Further discussion was held regarding the pros and cons for each option.  Mr. Hanvey 

thought it unlikely that the DEQ would reduce the loadings below whatís current.  Phil Westmoreland said though 

you canít guess what the DEQ might do, he doesnít see them reducing the loading requirements.  Mr. Westmoreland

 also pointed out that the DEQ helps with tracking information on the system.

Mr. Lowe feels itís important to discuss this with the township accountant.  Ms. Lingle would also like the attorney

 to review.  Dan Lowe motioned to table this agenda item.  Dave Hamann seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.


The township has not received the cost estimates from the Livingston County Road Commission (LCRC).  Mr. Hamann 

asked if the township engineer would be involved in the analysis of the countyís recommendations, and felt he should be. 

Dave Hamann motioned to table this item.  Dan Lowe seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.


Information on this item is provided in the packets.  The cost for the movers is $87 per hour with a two-hour minimum.  

It was also decided to close the building on Wednesday, April 28 for moving.  A notice will be posted. 

Extra Furniture

The total cost for additional furniture is $2993.36.  Sue Lingle motioned to approve the additional furniture in the amount 

of $2993.36, not to exceed $3500.  Myrna Schlittler seconded.  Roll call vote:  Dan Lowe, Myrna Schlittler, Dave Hamann,

 Sue Lingle, Bob Hanveyóall yes.  Motion carried 5-0.

Coddington Rezoning

Jim Barnwell from Desine was present to request rezoning of an 11-acre parcel from SR to UR.  The applicant is 

Mitch Harris.  This request is consistent with the current master plan.  The township Planning Commission and 

Livingston County Planning Commission have both recommended approval.  Access will be a site plan and Special Use 

Permit issue.  Mr. Lowe asked how close to Peavy Road the developer could get.  Mr. Barnwell said the property is

 ďtopographically challenged.Ē 

Allison Tiihonen, 3146 New Holland Drive:  Mrs. Tiihonen asked if a traffic study was done.  Mr. Barnwell said no.  

Most of the traffic generated would access off of Pinckney Road. 

Sue Lingle motioned to approve RZN #5-03óCoddington based upon the public hearing of the Planning Commission 

and its minutes of 1/27/04; John Ambrose letter of 12/30/03 recommending approval; the Livingston County Planning 

Commission recommendation of approval of 3/17/04; the consistency of the zoning from SR to UR and the surrounding 

zoning to the north, south and east.  Myrna Schlittler seconded.  Roll call vote:  Dan Lowe, Dave Hamann, 

Myrna Schlittler, Sue Lingle, Bob Hanveyóall yes.  Motion carried 5-0.

Recreation Authority Articles of Incorporation

A letter from the township attorney was presented indicating his review of the 8th draft of the Articles of Incorporation.  

Ms. Lingle summarized at the Ways & Means.  As the letter was just received, Ms. Lingle would like everyone to have 

the opportunity to review prior to making a decision.  Mr. Hamann indicated that the attorney did address the concerns 

that he had.  Sue Lingle motioned to table this item until a special meeting can be held.  Dave Hamann seconded.  

Motion carried 5-0.

Policy on Board Meetings and Agendas

Ms. Lingle asked the board members to make a list of what should be included in a policy on setting up agendas, 

time allowance, etc.  Dave Hamann said the Planning Commission would like a podium to be set up with a microphone 

to better control the meetings.  This would help avoid discussion between audience members.  Ms. Bahr offered to 

donate a podium and will check on its availability.  Ms. Bahr voiced a concern about the time limit.  She feels other 

peopleís comments precipitate additional comments.  Mr. Hanvey said the policy is a work-in-progress.  Mr. Tiihonen 

suggested following the countyís process by having residents sign a sheet stating the item they are there for.  

Ms. Bahr said they also have a call to the public before and after the developerís presentation. 

Mr. Hanvey said it also depends on whether itís a public hearing or a call to the public during a regular meeting.  

Ms. Lingle offered to compile a list of items, and will provide the board members a copy of her list of nine items.  

Dave Hamann motioned to table this item, and board members will provide Sue Lingle with their comments. 

Dan Lowe seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.

Litter Ordinance

Ms. Lingle has been collecting data from various sources.  She feels that the township may need two ordinances:  

one for litter and one for blight.  Ms. Lingle will continue to work on this item.


Dave Hamann reported that the Planning Commission held two meetings.  A public hearing was held on 3/23/04 to 

discuss the new proposed Section 6.30óPrivate Sewer/Wastewater Treatment Facility ordinance.  At the regular 

meeting on 3/23/04, Family Golf rezoning was tabled; Chestnut Development was recommended for denial; the 

Knolls of Grass Lake was tabled; Fox Meadows was approved contingent upon purchase agreement being done; 

and text amendments were discussed.  At the 4/7/04 meeting, the site plan review application was discussed and the 

township planner will be finalizing and providing to the board; Planning Commission rules and procedures were discussed.

Following the regular meeting, a comprehensive planning meeting was held.  One more working session will be held 

before presentation to the board.


The meeting wonít be held until next week, so two reports will be submitted at next monthís board meeting.


Dan Lowe reported the ZBA approved one variance request, the Bandy house on Triangle Lake Road.  The house must 

be torn down by 6/6/04.  If not torn down by then, the variance will be void. The zoning administrator will follow through on

the procedure if the house is not torn down by 6/6/04.


Provided in packets. 


Provided in packets.  


Mr. Hanvey reported that the local cable access channel now has music playing, and progress has been made on the 

Highland case.


Jim Barnwell expressed his appreciation for having his agenda item moved to accommodate his schedule. 

With regard to private sewer/water facilities, Mary Ann Bahr said she feels the developer should be the first people in line 

to buy the house closest to the facility.  No one else would want to live next to this type of facility.  Ms. Lingle said it was 

an appellate court that let that thing loose.  Ms. Bahr said the residents donít want to see this type of thing if itís a 

detriment to the community. She feels control should be at the local level, and she will continue to voice her opinion at

the state level.Mr. Lowe said itís not a government issue, itís a court issue.  The township doesnít have a choice but to 

comply.  The new ordinance will provide some control.

Tom Klebba, 1615 Triangle Lake Road:  Mr. Klebba said in regard to meetings and agendas being published, 

scheduling of special meetings, there seems to be a lack in that.  How will the public know about a special meeting, 

how will the trustees even know about it?  Mr. Hanvey said the trustees will be notified by the clerk or the secretary. 

 The public will know because they will be posted somewhere on the bulletin board and the website.  The requirement is 

for an 18-hour posting for a special meeting.  Mr. Klebba said nothingís been on the website.  Mr. Hanvey said it was 

posted on the website today at about 3:30 pm.  Mr. Klebba said for tonightís 7:30 pm meeting?  Mr. Hanvey said yes. 

 Mr. Klebba said the Ways & Means was never posted.  Mr. Hanvey said the agenda for the meeting is not required to be

 posted, although the township tries to publish when possible.  The agenda for this meeting was dynamic, changing 

rapidly, there was a developer anxious to have his item on the agenda, and we werenít able to get it posted on the

website as soon as we would have liked to.  Mr. Klebba said there are things on tonightís agenda that were tabled and 

not even discussed.  Mr. Hanvey said the board is allowed to do that.  Mr. Klebba said youíre allowed to do pretty much 

everything you do. Is it right for the public to not know about these special meetings unless they drive up and look on the 

front of the building on a daily basis?  Mr. Hanvey said the information will be on the website as soon as possible, as well 

as the cable channel.  Allison Tiihonen asked if the township could publish special meeting notices.  Mr. Hanvey said 

generally the newspaper deadline is at least a few days, and special meetings normally are created on a very short-term 

basis for some purpose that canít wait until the next board meeting.  Ms. Lingle pointed out that agenda items are even 

added at the beginning of the meeting.  Mr. Klebba said when you add things, there might have been people in the 

township that didnít attend the meeting who might have had an interest in those items and would have liked to have 

heard the discussion.  Mr. Hanvey said Mr. Klebba should keep in mind that up until about a year ago, the agenda 

appeared on the table at 7:30 pm and thatís the best we had, so we have improved the situation over what it was a few 

years ago. Ms. Lingle said this is a regular meeting and has been posted...the township is required to post all regular 

meetings for the whole year.  Mr. Klebba said but not the agenda.  Ms. Lingle asked Mr. Klebba how an agenda could be 

posted for a year.  Mr. Hanvey said anyone is welcome to come to the meetings and stay for the whole thing. 

Mr. Klebba said so thatís your response...you just have to come up here and look at the board every day.  Mr. Hanvey 

said no, thatís not his response, his response is weíre doing our best to get things posted as soon as we can.  Weíre

 not always able to do it a week or two in advance.  We have a trade-off between telling people thereís a cut-off date for 

the agenda or waiting until the last minute to get it on there.  That trade-off sometimes results in the agenda not being 

complete when itís posted.  In order to avoid the situation where someone has to wait a whole month to get on the next 

monthís agenda, the agenda becomes very dynamic sometimes. 

Mr. Lowe said he canít sit any longer and take it, and asked Mr. Klebba what the problem is.  What are you so angry 

about?  Mr. Lowe said he does not understand whatís going on.  Mr. Klebba said you donít?  Mr. Lowe said no...the 

emails Mr. Klebbaís been sending...what is the problem?  Mr. Klebba said letís go right back to the beginning. 

 Mr. Klebba said when he was a consultant for the township and every time something was going on and he was told to 

butt out and focus on something else, when he would talk to trustees and other board members, they said do something

about this, why canít you do it.  Mr. Klebba said the supervisor said no, itís not your project, focus on your project, 

stay out of it, while other board members would tell him to work on something. Thatís the problem, and thatís why Iím 

no longer a consultant here. There are other problems...for years, I did communications work here and hardly charged the 

township anything; a lot was done gratis as a public service. Then I turn around and see that they awarded a contract to

 somebody not to exceed $5,000 when you know that project could have been done for $2,000-3,000.  Mr. Lowe asked 

what project that was.  Mr. Klebba said the communications wiring for the new building.  Ms. Schlittler told Mr. Klebba 

that he was in Florida at that time.  Mr. Klebba said the wiring didnít need to be done, he tried to discuss with Myrna, 

he tried to discuss with Mr. Hanvey and he gives me one-word responses to my emails.  Thereís some much going on

 that you donít know about, Dan.  Iíll send a two-page letter to Mr. Hanvey asking about this, this, and this and Iíll get a

 five-word response.  Thereís a lot going on.  Mr. Lowe said the board is doing all they can, Bob puts in ungodly hours, 

heís here on Sundays.  The stuff in your letters is unbelievable, the Jartnick Pond thing...you know weíve been working 

on these things.  Mr. Klebba said he disagrees with Mr. Lowe...a year ago...  Mr. Lowe said it takes time to get three or

 four different agencies to agree.  If Mr. Klebba would take the time to find out whatís going on...the road commission is

 working on it, itís in the planning stages, and itís going to be fixed.  Mr. Lowe said heís spent a lot of time on this issue 

and it makes him mad to think that Mr. Klebba thinks heís not doing it.  Discussion ensued on the Jartnick Pond issue.  

Mr. Klebba said the bottom line is itís not being fixed.  Mr. Lowe said itís going to be fixed, same as the Bandy house.  

The Bandyís went through the appeal process at the county level prior to bringing it to the township.  Mr. Lowe said it 

takes time, and the house really wasnít that big of an eyesore.  Mr. Lowe pointed out that there are other houses right

 off of D-19 and I-96 and Mr. Klebba never complained about those.  Mr. Lowe said thatís the problem.  Everyone 

complains about their own little corner and nobody cares about what happens in the whole township.  Why didnít 

Mr. Klebba bring up the three on D-19, those are in Marion Township.  Mr. Klebba said they donít really affect him.  

Mr. Lowe said because somethingís in Mr. Klebbaís neighborhood, he tries to make the board look like idiots who arenít 

doing anything.  Mr. Lowe said all of the things Mr. Klebba is complaining about are being dealt with. 

Mr. Klebba said further that as far as the wiring goes, the wiring was supposed to go through the floor, it was all in the 

plans.  There was some tweaking to the plans, seems a little funny to me.  Mr. Lowe said there were things that needed 

to be done to move on to the next stage and Mr. Klebba was in Florida.  Mr. Klebba said that wasnít in the plans when 

he left for Florida.  Ms. Lingle pointed out that while Mr. Klebba was in Florida, the board did grant permission for 

Mr. Klebba to use the township hall parking lot for his new venture. 

Ms. Schlittler pointed out that Mr. Klebba had been involved with the township since 2000, and even though itís special 

interest, Mr. Klebba could have done more with the Bandy house and Jartnick Pond.  Mr. Klebba said he was told to 

focus on his projects. Ms. Lingle pointed out that Mr. Klebba wasnít the supervisor, he was brought in on a consulting 

basis.  Mr. Westmoreland is a consultant and he wouldnít think of intruding into other things that he wasnít asked to. 

Mr. Klebba asked how he will know when the special meeting will be held regarding roads. If he has to come to the hall

every day to check the bulletin board, he will.  Ms. Lingle said he can call for the information.  The notice has to be 

posted at least 18 hours in advance.  Mr. Hanvey said it will probably be posted by 3:00 pm on Tuesday or Wednesday 

for a Thursday 4:00 pm meeting.  It will also be published on the website and cable channel. 

Mr. Lowe said as far as Triangle Lake Road, he feels adding gravel will create more of a drainage problem. Mr. Lowe will 

talk to the Road Commission about possibly tar and chip at least down the hill to where the cross tube is.  Mr. Klebba

 said thereís no stone left, itís all muck.  Mr. Lowe said that adding gravel in certain areas will create problems for some 

people.  The Road Commission has admitted there was a mistake made there.  The township shouldnít have any cost 

to repair. Mr. Klebba asked if everyone on the Board is running again.  Ms. Schlittler said yes. 

Mary Ann Bahr, 3201 Grass Lake Court:  Ms. Bahr said people who live on gravel roads should understand that 

maintenance is an ongoing event.  In defense of the Board trying to accommodate Mr. Klebbaís complaint, itís an 

ongoing process.


Ms. Lingle indicated she just received the bank statements and will have the report available at the next meeting.  

Expenses for the month of March were $107,699.83.  Dave Hamann motioned to approve the treasurerís report with 

expenses of $107,699.83.  Myrna Schlittler seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.


Sue Lingle motioned to adjourn the meeting at 10:14 pm.  Myrna Schlittler seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.