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                    MARION TOWNSHIP 

             DRAFT MINUTES

          NOVEMBER 13, 2003 


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Bob Hanvey, Sue Lingle, Dan Lowe, Myrna Schlittler, and Dave Hamann

MEMBERS ABSENT:   None                                             



Bob Hanvey called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.


Dave Hamann motioned to approve the agenda as presented.  Sue Lingle seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.




Board of Trustees, October 9, 2003

Bob Hanvey indicated two typographical changes on page 2 and suggested that the date should be added to the item

imposing a 3% late fee for taxes.  Sue Lingle said the date should be February 17, 2004.

Sue Lingle motioned to approve the minutes from the October 9, 2003 Board of Trustees meeting as amended.  

Dave Hamann seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.

Special Board Meeting, November 10, 2003

Sue Lingle motioned to approve the minutes from the November 10, 2003 Special Board meeting as presented.

Dave Hamann seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.

Ways & Means, November 10, 2003

Dave Hamann motioned to approve the minutes from the November 10, 2003 Ways & Means meeting as amended.

Sue Lingle seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.




Building Addition Pay Request #1

Sue Lingle motioned to approve the first billing for the township hall addition for $89,660.95 as approved by the architect.

Dave Hamann seconded.  Roll call vote:  Dan Lowe, Dave Hamann, Myrna Schlittler, Sue Lingle, Bob Hanvey—all yes.  

Motion carried 5-0.

Auditor’s Report

Ken Palka, Pfeffer, Hanniford & Palka, presented the auditor’s report for the year ended June 30, 2003.  Mr. Palka 

indicated his firm is granting an “unqualified opinion”, which is the highest level of opinion that CPAs can give. Mr. Palka

also thanked the Board for its assistance in preparing the audit. Mr. Palka summarized the details, providing a recap of 

the General Fund.  The township’s General Fund is in very good financial shape—total cash of $1,031.992; receivables

due from the State of Michigan of $122,096; and additional assets, for a total of $1,287.868.  Total liabilities equal 

$179,350, for total “equity” of $1,108,518.  Mr. Palka also provided a report summarizing the audit using graphs and 

charts. Mr. Palka’s final presentation was a summary of the township’s budget to actual for the current fiscal year 

(through 9/30/03). 

Snow Plow Bids

Bob Hanvey talked with the Fire Authority and billing can be handled either through the township or directly to the Fire 

Authority.  Dan Lowe asked if the snow depth would be changed from 3” to 2”.  Myrna Schlittler said yes. 

Myrna Schlittler motioned to hire Rocky Ridge to do snowplowing for the township hall, fire hall, Love’s Creek, 

Sesame Drive, and three cemeteries.  Sue Lingle seconded.  Myrna Schlittler amended her motion to include changing 

the depth requirements from 3”-6” to 2”-6”.  Sue Lingle seconded.  Roll call vote:  Dave Hamann, Sue Lingle, Bob Hanvey, 

Myrna Schlittler, Dan Lowe—all yes.  Motion carried 5-0.

Zoning Items

Dave Hamann discussed the Planning Commission’s recommendation to approve the three zoning text amendments. 

The Livingston County Planning Commission (LCPC) did not recommend approval, outlined in letters dated 

October 7, 2003. Dave Hamann motioned to approve the zoning text amendment for Section 3.02—Definition of Lot Lines,

 by adding additional language to further define side lot lines.  Myrna Schlittler seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.

Dave Hamann motioned to approve the zoning text amendment for Section 6.20—Private Roads (item F—Cul-de-sacs). 

Sue Lingle seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.

Dave Hamann motioned to approve the zoning text amendment for Section 6.29—Open Space Preservation by changing 

text in item 2 and adding (e) under item 2.  Myrna Schlittler seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.

Architect Pay Request

Information provided in packets.  Myrna Schlittler motioned to approve pay request from Bruce McCullen in the amount 

of $875.  Sue Lingle seconded.  Roll call vote:  Dan Lowe, Myrna Schlittler, Bob Hanvey, Sue Lingle, 

Dave Hamann—all yes.  Motion carried 5-0.


The Clark Hill bill for the month of September is $17,623.55.  This includes final submittal for Supreme Court case and 

tax tribunal.  Myrna Schlittler motioned to approve the Clark Hill invoice in the amount of $17,623.55.  Sue Lingle

seconded.  Roll call vote:  Myrna Schlittler, Sue Lingle, Dan Lowe, Dave Hamann, Bob Hanvey—all yes.  

Motion carried 5-0.

Norton Road Manhole Repairs

Phil Westmoreland from OHM was present.  Bob Hanvey asked Mr. Westmoreland to discuss his concerns with the 

manhole repairs on Norton Road.  Mr. Westmoreland said he had an opportunity to take a look at the repairs, and will 

provide the township with a written summary of comments/concerns. Bob Hanvey indicated the attorney’s 4-page review 

of the OHM contract was received late today.  He will provide the board with copies of the review letter. 


Dave Hamann said the Planning Commission met on October 28.  Old Business items included RZN 3-03 (Francis Road)

 from Suburban Residential (SR) to Urban Residential (UR).  The Planning Commission recommended denying this 

request.  It has been forwarded to the LCPC, and then will come to the township board. The second Old Business item

 was Stone Garden (formerly Tonch private drive).  This development was originally presented as a private road 

development, but now will have public roads.  No action was required from the Planning Commission on this item. 

The three ordinance text amendments were discussed.  The home occupation ordinance was tabled.  New Business

included the MHOG site plan review (approved), and a public hearing was set for 11/25/03 for RZN 4-03 (Family Golf), and

 the December Planning Commission date was changed to December 15.  Mr. Hamann asked the board to consider 

allowing the Planning Commission to hold a workshop meeting every month or every other month to address the home 

occupation ordinance, as well as others. Myrna Schlittler said it’s been done before. Sue Lingle said the Planning

Commission could just set the date, because it’s needed. The Open House for the comprehensive plan has been 

scheduled for January 15, 2004.  Bob Hanvey asked Dave Hamann what times he thought had been set for the 

presentations.  Mr. Hamann said he thought 6:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.  Mr. Hanvey said there seem to be conflicting times

and the times need to be verified. 


Sue Lingle provided two reports in the packets.  Applicants are being interviewed for Mr. Von Drak’s position during his 

absence.  Dan Lowe commented on the strong turnout for the senior trip to Canada


Provided in packets.


Dan Lowe said the Fraternal Order of Eagles came before the ZBA regarding the sign.  The Eagles have decided to return 

the sign to its historical position and size.


Provided in packets. 


Provided in packets.  


Dan Lowe asked if a “rezoning” attorney had been found.  Bob Hanvey said yes, and a packet of information was sent to

the attorney on Wednesday, November 12. Bob Hanvey said the attorney’s comments on the cable ordinance were 

received today.  Mr. Hanvey also said the township’s cable access channel (channel 18) is now available.

Sue Lingle said that Chris Ward visited the township on November 10, and two residents came in to meet with him.

Mr. Ward is considering coming to the township hall once a month to meet with residents.


Barney Cole, 918 Francis Road:  Mr. Cole asked how the excavator hit the water line, causing the recent break and 

“boil water” advisory.  Mr. Cole asked if Miss Dig was called, did the excavator have “as builts”, etc. 

Bob Hanvey said they called for a Miss Dig.  The phone lines were flagged; they didn’t see the water line flag. 

Bob Hanvey said the township is attending a meeting next week to discuss what happened and ways to avoid this in the 

future. Dan Lowe said OMI didn’t stake it, and still didn’t mark it after it was hit. Mr. Hanvey said it needs to be determined

whether there are thrust blocks there.  Phil Westmoreland said it shouldn’t be hard to determine. Mr. Westmoreland also 

said there’s a firm in Farmington Hills, MTH, that does subsurface exploration.  Dan Lowe asked what the plan called for. 

Mr. Hanvey said the as built showed a straight line.  Mr. Hanvey clarified that the official document with “as built” handwritten

 on it had the page in question missing.  The prior version (the proposed document) had the pipe shown as a straight line. 

Mr. Westmoreland said he would provide the township with some proposals/recommendations. 


Myrna Schlittler motioned to approve the treasurer’s report with expenses of $66,813.85.  Dave Hamann seconded.

 Motion carried 5-0.


Dave Hamann motioned to adjourn the meeting at 9:03 p.m.  Sue Lingle seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.