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                                             MARION TOWNSHIP


           SPECIAL MEETING - JUNE 16, 2003                     

MEMBERS PRESENT:            Jim Anderson, Debra Wiedman-Clawson, Dave Hamann, John Lowe

MEMBERS ABSENT:            Jean Root

OTHERS PRESENT:             Kathleen Kline-Hudson, Livingston County Planning Dept.

                                                Brian Shorkey, Livingston County Planning Dept.

                                                Bob Hanvey, Township Supervisor

                                                Annette McNamara, Zoning Administrator


John Lowe called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m.


Dave Hamann motioned to approve the agenda as presented.  Jim Anderson seconded.  Motion carried 4-0.


Dave Hamann made a motion to approve the minutes as submitted from the May 21, 2003 meeting. Debra 

Wiedman-Clawson seconded.  Motion carried 4-0.


Brian Shorkey from the Livingston County Planning Department reviewed the following:

Natural Features:  Under Wellhead Protection, the sentence was added, “In Marion Township, the wellhead protection area has been

 marked with roadside signs. Older signs read ‘Wellhead Protection Area’ while newer signs read, ‘Drinking Water Protection Area’.”

Phase II, a new paragraph was added, “The new Phase II regulations give municipalities the option of regulating on a watershed basis 

rather than on a site by site basis. Marion Township is acting in partnership with neighboring communities to take part in Phase II 

regulation of the Shiawassee River watershed.  This watershed approach to regulation means that any construction projects of one acre 

or more that takes place in the Shiawassee River watershed within Marion Township will have to attain a Phase II permit.”  The last two

 paragraphs under Livingston Natural Feature Inventory were added.

John Lowe pointed out that we are in three watersheds and questioned what happens with other two in relation to Marion Township. 

Bob Hanvey stated that Red Cedar has completed their plans and Huron is just getting started and Shiawassee is at the same point we

are.  So Phase II needs to be listed as Shiawassee only and no need to list others. His concern is will all watersheds be covered. Bob 

Hanvey stated that a public education program will be disseminated to all of the township, not just part of it.  Brian suggested adding a 

disclaimer type paragraph at the end of the section with wording to the effect as,  “this is an ongoing process that Marion Township is 

just beginning to get involved in.  For specific details on Phase II, Watershed Program, please contact Marion Township Hall.”

Brian stated that this is its own separate volume and is a different project of the Planning Department but will be included in the

Comprehensive Plan.  The consensus was to leave the map in but amend it.  It was discussed to delete the last two paragraphs of 

“Livingston Natural Feature Inventory.”  

Transportation:  Brian reviewed the handout and stated the Huron River Watershed Council have been conducting studies looking at the

impact of development on gravel roads and Putnam Township has been involved in this pilot program.  They are looking at Livingston 

County gravel roads and conducted a traffic count from intersection to intersection.  In a database, through a mathematical formula, 

roads have been given a classification that fall under a certain count that is based on certain conditions.  This can show which roads are

over capacity and which ones have capacity and how much capacity is left.  As a result of this study, it can be an aid in zoning and what 

should be less dense residential zoning.  Also, more specific wording was added to the “Other Modes of Transportation” section.

Community Facilities:  Last sentence in “Township Offices” section, wooded 15 acres of land, “wooded” should be deleted. 

Fire Service:  Pinckney Fire Service Area sentence should be deleted.   Typo in last sentence of “Fire Service,” should read 11 paid on 

call volunteers.  As far as the schools, Debra Wiedman-Clawson pointed out that northwest of Putnam, across the street from the 

southwest portion, is actually Howell Public Schools district. 

The second bolded paragraph regarding 18-acre parcel on County Farm Road in Section 3 that was considered as a buildable site for the 

school was found to be too narrow and not a viable option for building a school.  This paragraph will be deleted.

Brian will reword the second sentence in the third paragraph to read, “All of the buildings that serve the Howell system fall outside of 

Marion Township, all but three of these facilities…”

Sewer and Water Service:  The third paragraph as stated is all municipal and paragraph should be deleted.

Recreation:  Typo in second paragraph, first sentence:  It should read, “Marion Township currently contracts…..”

Comprehensive Plan Goals & Objectives

Kathleen Kline-Hudson distributed handout, Goals & Objectives Chapter Nine (revised draft dated 6/16/03), Natural Features, 

Transportation, Community Facilities and pointed out key revisions.  The following are items that were revised: Planning and Land Use:

 Kathleen Kline-Hudson commented the second goal was as a result of deleting two objectives from previous draft.

Natural Environment:  Last bolded three objectives were discussed. First two objectives were switched from first draft in bold italics. 

Second to last objective, wording “carefully consider” replaced a harsher phrase.  Inland lakes were removed from third objective.

Committee members agreed with this section.

Infrastructure and Community Facilities:  Third goal was added with one objective that came from Cohoctah.

Economic Development:  This section was deleted from first draft.

Solid Waste and Recycling:  The word “endorse” in objectives replaced the word “establish.” This section may change after 

conferring with Attorney Kehoe regarding landfill issue and using the wording ‘prohibit’ the importing of solid waste from other counties 

into the township, which in the parameters is statutory in common law. The committee would like Mike Kehoe’s advice on whether this 

can be deleted completely or does it have to be mentioned.

Hazardous Mitigation:  Handout was distributed. This section was to have a broad goal about cooperating with different levels of 

government on hazard mitigation initiatives.  One objective was to keep township hazardous materials ordinance updated and timely. 

Transportation:   Consists of three goals and each had two objectives.  These goals came from the county goals and the objectives were

 written. The last objective was discussed regarding “preserving the tree canopy” and John Lowe pointed out that when the Livingston 

County Road Commission (LCRC) needs to make improvements, etc, they will clear 66 feet before doing anything and this would 

remove the tree canopy. It was suggested that this wording be deleted.

Vision Statement

Kathleen stated she reviewed all 20 Vision Statements from the Master Plan for Livingston County. In most of the Master Plans there 

was no Vision Statement.  There were only about seven communities who had a Vision Statement. Green Oaks is the only one that

has a short and concise Vision Statement. After discussion, Kathleen will write a Vision Statement using Green Oak as a model and 

also reword the present Marion Township Vision Statement.


Kathleen gave a brief update of where we’re at and topics that are still outstanding:

-          Existing land use chapter

-          Utilities map

-          Need featured land use

She questioned and commented that a draft of the Featured Land Use section be drawn up to propose to the public at a public hearing 

for their comments to use for chapter to explain rationale of how designations were assigned to different parts of the township.

Brian will put together a base map to include:

-          Existing defined residential developments

-          Wetlands

-          Lakes and streams

-          Sewer district

-          Poor septic suitability

-          Overlay of completed developments; so there’s one map with available land.

-          Existing and in process residential development, showing all private roads

Next meeting will be on Thursday, July 24, 2003, at 7:30 p.m.




Dave Hamann motioned to adjourn at 9:15 p.m.  Debra Wiedman-Clawson seconded.

Motion carried 4-0.