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                             MARION TOWNSHIP 


              COMPREHENSIVE PLAN  -  July 24, 2003


MEMBERS PRESENT:            Jim Anderson, Debra Wiedman-Clawson, Dave Hamann, John Lowe, Jean Root

MEMBERS ABSENT:            None

OTHERS PRESENT:             Kathleen Kline-Hudson, Livingston County Planning Dept.

                                                Brian Shorkey

                                                Bob Hanvey, Township Supervisor

                                                Annette McNamara, Zoning Administrator




John Lowe called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.


Dave Hamann motioned to approve the agenda.  Jean Root seconded.  Motion carried 5-0.


Dave Hamann made a motion to approve the minutes as submitted from the June 16, 2003 meeting. Jim Anderson

seconded.  Jean Root abstained. Motion carried 4-0.


Kathleen Kline-Hudson distributed handout of revisions to all chapters.  The Table of Contents reflects the layout of the Plan.

The changes in the Community Facilities chapter were:

-          textboxes were added throughout the chapter

-          references in “Township Offices” paragraph, “wooded” landscape were deleted

-          references to the Pinckney Fire Service Area were deleted in the “Fire Service” paragraph; last sentence in paragraph,

         the word pain was replaced with the word paid

-          section on “Schools”, third paragraph, 18-acre parcel on County Farm owned by Howell Public Schools was deleted and the

      remaining text was reorganized; final sentence was also added regarding the Marion Township property recently acquired for

       a future high school

-          “Sewer and Water Service” section, third paragraph, regarding developments that have private sewer and water systems has

         been deleted since these developments are all on municipal service

-          “Recreation” section, second paragraph, first sentence, now reads “Marion Township currently contracts…”; references to the

       Marion Township Parks and Recreation plan were added

Kathleen Kline-Hudson commented that she called the LESA regarding map and the most accurate is the realtor’s map.  A portion of

the Pinckney Community schools is reflected in the southwest corner of that map, so that was kept on the map.

Significant change to the “Recreation” section was the addition of the last paragraph that begins, “In 1998 the Marion Township Board

of Trustees…”  Kathleen explained the reason for putting this in was for implementation strategy that the recreation plan be incorporated

nto Comprehensive Plan.  The Board of Trustees (Five Members Parks and Recreation Committee) requested this be incorporated.

After discussion it was agreed to leave “as is” and if need be at a later date, amend and add section at end of “Recreation” section to

 make it more detailed.   There was discussion about the section on Howell Parks and Recreation Authority that will have an effect on

the township five-year-plan on recreation for township and city.


Textboxes were added but no other changes.

Natural Features

Brian Shorkey added a disclaimer to watershed program on the last page – “The Phase II regulations are new and it remains to be

seen exactly how the Township will deal with them.  For more information regarding the new Phase II regulations, contact the

Livingston County Drain Commission.”  Also in the Livingston Natural Feature Inventory section, second and third paragraphs were

deleted with exception of last sentence in that paragraph. The Board agreed with all of these revisions.


Kathleen Kline-Hudson commented this is complete except for a decision on style. After discussion regarding the two vision

statements it was decided to use the second vision statement’s beginning paragraph and delete the last sentence and bullets and add

the sentence from Green Oak’s Vision Statement that reads, “formulating a thorough Plan review process and enacting appropriate


Existing Land Use: 

It was agreed to place this chapter on the agenda for the next meeting.

Future Land Use:

Brian Shorkey presented an existing land use map, current future land use map for comparison and basic map.  John Lowe suggested

obtaining a copy of the rezoning request of the city with their delineation on it that shows the industrial with the proposed loop road on

it. There was discussion about the layout of the map and it was pointed out that industrial will be on the northerly portion of the map

and UR in upper edge, north of railroad, to buffer residential to the city.  South of the railroad will be light industrial. John Lowe

suggested taking lakes residential designation and compare with the ERS district.

Brian Shorkey reviewed details of the map:

-          UR buffer on corner, light industrial, mobile home park, highway service to get into suburban residential sewer, suburban

       residential non-sewer

-          community facility (including school property), 10 acres in Sundance Meadows designated for park will be added to community facility

-          open space residential, lakes residential

-          commercial spot that’s not crossing D-19 at the moment (but negotiable in the future)

-          conservation district on top of that, river corridors will be added

-          open space residential will be 2 acres


Ore Creek is in violation and Annette McNamara will contact them regarding blocking off or putting a fence up.

Annette McNamara distributed a handout from an MTA seminar she attended regarding open space. Annette will also provide more

information on open space at the next meeting and she  will contact the speaker to invite him to a meeting in the future.

Jean Root requested adding the topic regarding the township attorney on the next agenda.

Next meeting will be on Monday, September 15, 2003, at 7:30 p.m.




Dave Hamann motioned to adjourn at 9:45 p.m.  Debra Wiedman-Clawson seconded.

Motion carried 5-0.