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            Planning Commission - Draft





  MEMBERS PRESENT:    John Lowe, David Hamann, Jean Root and Debra Wiedman-Clawson


  OTHER PRESENT:          John Ambrose, Township Planner

                                              Tom Klebba, Township Consultant

                                              Annette McNamara, Zoning Board Administrator



 Proposed Zoning Ordinance Amendment:

 Open Space Preservation Option


John Lowe called the Public Hearing to order at 7:25 p.m.

 Open Space Preservation Option

 Mr. Ambrose explained the public hearing is for the Open Space Preservation option, which is required by the State of Michigan under the Open Space Preservation Act 177 of 2001. This Act states that all townships, by December 15, 2002, incorporate a cluster housing option in their ordinance.  It requires that 50% of the land remain as open space.  This option which is entitled Section 6.29 of the Open Space Preservation Option provides for developers the option to develop a cluster type development based on the State’s requirement for developing such a project.




  Dave Hamann recommended to approve the Open Space Preservation Option section addition to Article VI, General Provisions: Section 6.29 Ordinance amendment and be forwarded to the Livingston County Planning Commission for review.  Jean Root seconded.  Motion carried 4-0.


  Dave Hamann motioned to adjourn at 7:29 pm.  Jean Root seconded.  Motion carried 4-0.



NOVEMBER 26, 2002


MEMBERS PRESENT:   John Lowe, David Hamann, Jean Root and Debra Wiedman-Clawson


  OTHER PRESENT:     John Ambrose, Township Planner

                                            Annette McNamara, Zoning Administrator

                                             Tom Klebba, Township Consultant



 John Lowe called the Regular Meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.


 Jean Root motioned to amend agenda to table ordinance amendments until next regular meeting.  Dave Hamann seconded. Motion carried 4-0.

 Dave Hamann motioned to approve the agenda as amended.  Debra Wiedman-Clawson seconded.  Motion carried 4-0.


 Ordinance Workshop Minutes of October 22, 2002

 Debra Wiedman-Clawson stated there is a change on page 3, where it states the Violations Bureau is City of Brighton, should be Brighton Township.

 Dave Hamann motioned to approve the amended minutes for the Ordinance Workshop on October 22, 2002.  Jean Root seconded.  Motion carried 4-0.


 Jesse Drive (formerly Ward Drive)

 Jean Root stated for the record that Mr. Ward built her home and does not believe it will be a conflict of interest as she sits today as part of the discussion.

 Chris from Civil Engineering is present to request the Planning Commission’s recommendation to the Zoning Board of Appeals per Section 6.20 B 1-5 for the variances proposed.  Based on the letter he received from Tetra Tech dated October 30, 2002, the plan has been revised and a letter was sent to the township on November 13, 2002 outlining these changes.

 Mr. Ambrose stated the variances presented are all engineering issues and should be adhered to comply with the recommendations of Tetra Tech.  Mr. Ambrose suggested that the Township Engineer should be present at the ZBA meeting to address any questions that may arise.  

Jean Root addressed the letter from Mr. and Mrs. Bockhausen. The Bockhausens  currently share a driveway with Mr.  and Mrs. Ward. If the current driveway is reconstructed into a private drive and the Bockhausens want to use it, they will be asked to sign a Declaration of Easement and Maintenance Agreement. There are unresolved issues  regarding this Declaration of Easement and Maintenance Agreement. This can be addressed during final review. Part of final approval can be conditional that Bockhausen does not have to contribute money to  the maintenance. Mr. Ward stated he would agree to it.


Jean Root motioned to send the proposed site plan, dated November 14, 2002, for Jesse Drive to the ZBA to review the 5 items under Sect. 6.20 B for variances. In addition, the review letter from Tetra Tech, dated October 30, 2002, is to be included as part of the variance review.  The Planning Commission would ask that the Township Engineer of Tetra Tech be in attendance at this review.  Dave Hamann seconded.  Roll call vote: Hamann-yes, Root-yes, Lowe-yes, Wiedman-Clawson-yes. Motion carried 4-0. 

Per Annette, the agenda for the December Zoning Board of Appeals meeting is full.  In addition, the next meeting is one working day away and the item must be published.  Jesse Drive will be placed on the agenda for Monday, January 6, 2002.


AT &T Communication

Mike Sivore is present from AT&T Wireless Services, Inc. to propose a Communication Tower be constructed next to the Marion Township Hall. Mr. Sivore addressed the Tetra Tech review letter  pertaining to the proposed site plan for the communication tower.   

The Fire Marshall's review letter was discussed and noted his approval on the proposed tower.

Mr. Ambrose summarized his recommendations as they relate to Section 17.10 of the Township’s Zoning Ordinance on Wireless Communication Towers.  He has submitted a letter, dated November 15, 2002, concerning items 1-9 of Section 17.10.  Items #1, 4-9 are not satisfied on proposed site plan dated August 29, 2002.  In addition, Mr. Ambrose has submitted a letter, also dated November 15, 2002, in regard to the required Special Use Permit.  A public hearing is required to grant such a permit.  Mr. Ambrose suggested this agenda item be tabled until the items in Section 17.10 have been addressed and a revised site plan is resubmitted to the township.  

Variance request will need to be addressed.

Mr. Klebba stated AT&T will build the tower and the township will purchase the tower from them and lease it back to AT&T.  He would like to keep the design of the tower under 200 foot to eliminate the township from maintaining the lights that are required if over 200 foot. 

John Lowe would like to know what benefit an additional 50 foot high on a tower would provide to the community.  Will it provide more coverage, which could eliminate another tower?  John would like to see coverage maps for the area showing where there are towers present and what they are providing. He would like to know if a preliminary finding can be determined by the FAA. He would like to the pros and cons of pole and lattice design.

Mr. Sivore stated they have aviation consultants who can do a study based on the exact location and size.  That has not yet been determined.  Six companies can lease space on a tower. 

Mr. Winsett should be contacted to determine what this tower could be used for in terms of emergency management. 


Jean Root motioned to table AT&T Wireless Services Inc. site plan dated 8-29-02 until the next regular meeting on December 17, 2002. Dave Hamann seconded.  Motion carried 4-0.

Wolfe Ridge Private Drive

Debra Wiedman-Clawson is abstaining from discussion due to a conflict as an employee of Desine.

Mr. Barnwell is present from Desine, Inc. requesting approval for Wolfe Ridge private road.  They have received a variance from the Zoning Board of Appeals  for the length of the private road and the barn currently located on property.  Complete road will be curb and gutter throughout development.  Road Maintenance agreement will be forwarded for review.  A majority of the lots have perked and if some do not, they will be combined. 

Mr. Kehoe’s letter dated November 18, 2002, stated he would like to see actual size of all parcels indicated on the site plan.  In addition, he would like the Township Engineer to review site plan for ordinance compliance.

Mr. Ambrose does not see any issues with proposal.


Jean Root motioned to approve Wolfe Ridge Private Road site plan, dated November 6, 2002, with the follow conditions:

·        Terms of ZBA minutes dated October 7, 2002 regarding Wolfe Ridge

·        Comply with all governmental agency requirements

·        Require developer to meet with Township Assessor to determine lot availability and configurations

·        Contingent upon approval from Township Attorney for Road Maintenance Agreement

Dave Hamann seconded.  Roll call vote: Root-yes, Hamann-yes, Lowe-yes.  Motion carried 3-1.  Wiedman-Clawson abstained.


  Planning Commission Elections

There are no candidates known by the Planning Commission to submit to the Board to fill available position.

The Planning Commission appointed John Lowe as Chair of the Planning Commission.

The Planning Commission appointed Dave Hamann as Vice Chair of the Planning Commission.

The Planning Commission appointed Jean Root as Secretary of the Planning Commission.

Ordinance Amendments

 Item has been tabled until next regular scheduled meeting of the Planning Commission.




Debra Wiedman-Clawson motioned to adjourn at 9:21 p.m.  Dave Hamann seconded.  Motion carried 4-0.