Information Courtesy of Township Treasurer - Sandy Donovan


Property taxes may be paid by credit or debit card either in person at the township hall or on-line using this Link The card processor will charge a 3% convenience fee that will not be reflected on the tax bill.


ATTENTION:When using online banking to pay taxes, be aware that most banks use a third party to process online checks requested through their bill payment system. This means that money deducted from your account is sent to a third party processor, not directly to the designated payee (the township in this case). Bills paid through your online banking system may take up to 15 business days to be received by our office, as the check must be printed and sent through the mail. We cannot post the payment until the check is physically in our office.


Property Tax/Assessing Data    (Click on this link to access Marion Township Property Information)


Failure to receive tax bill does NOT waive interest or administration fee. The legal responsibility of paying taxes on the correct parcel of property rests with the taxpayer. The Treasurer will not be responsible for payment on wrong descriptions.

Tax Deferment 
The following link contains information on tax deferment and the forms necessary to file a deferment.
You may fill out the form online and print it for your convenience. 
Tax deferment documents

Senior citizen, paraplegic, quadriplegic, hemiplegic, eligible serviceperson, eligible veteran, eligible widow, or one who is totally and permanently disabled or blind may be able to delay paying their summer taxes on their homestead until the following February. You may also qualify if you are 62 years of age or older, including the un-remarried surviving spouse of a person who was 62 years of age or older at the time of death.
Please contact the Treasurer @ (517) 546-1588 

Tax Assistance
We have not forgotten our Servicemen and Veterans. There are a number of instances where tax assistance is available. The Veteran's Affairs Director is Carl Pardon. The phone number to reach him is (517) 546-6338. 

Bills and receipts may be printed from this website on the Property Tax/Assessing page. The Township Treasurer's office can verify if your bank has requested a copy of your tax bill or if they have been paid. 2017 unpaid taxes must be paid at the County Treasurer's office, interest and penalty will be calculated for you. Their phone number is (517) 546-7010.

Tax Foreclosure Information

The State of Michigan provides information on the state tax foreclosure process to the public:
Link to foreclosure information

2020 Winter Taxes
 Taxes will be due on February 28th, 2021. Taxes will be sent to the County Treasurer's office if they were unpaid as of that date. They must be paid at the Livingston County Treasurer's office. Tax bills paid at the County that are past due will have interest and penalties calculated when you pay your tax bill. All residents receive a copy of their tax bill, your mortgage company will request a copy if you have an escrow account.  

2020 Summer Tax Bills
Summer taxes were mailed to all Residents of Marion Township. If you have an escrow account,  your bank
should request a copy of your tax bill.  Amounts are available on the Property Assessing/Tax Data page of this website. Taxes were due without interest on September 14, 2020.

2020 Total Millage Rates

        Howell School District      
                                 Homestead -  Summer - 15.59520                
              Non-Homestead -  Summer - 33.59520      
Pinckney School District
                                Homestead - Summer - 9.27650                 
- Summer - 9.27650      

For millage rate details click this - Link

Dog Licenses
Dog licenses will now expire on the same date as the rabies vaccine expiration date. You may purchase a 1 or 3 year license which will expire in the month of the current rabies expiration date. The vaccination must be valid for the entire 3 year period in order to purchase a 3 year license. Licenses may be purchased at the Township or the County Treasurer or Animal Shelter. Please provide proof of rabies vaccination and spay/neuter as required by State Statue. Late fee of $15.00 will be added to your license if you do not purchase a license by the end of the month that the vaccine was given.