ZONING -  Information courtesy of Zoning Administrator Annette McNamara


The  Zoning Department would like to provide the following information to help you prepare for your building project. 

A land use permit is required if you plan to build a new structure, deck, accessory building or add on to an existing structure in the Township. Upon permit  approval, bring 3 sets of plans (1 for the Township and 2 for the County) and the  appropriate fees. The next step is the Livingston County Building Dept. to obtain construction permits for your project. 

For additional information, call or e-mail Annette McNamara,

 Land use packet                             Land use Waiver                                     Schedule of Regulations

Zoning Ordinance                             Zoning Map                      Zoning Board of Appeals Rules of Procedure

Special Event Ordinance                                 Special Event Permit Application                   Special Event Indemnification Agreement

Master Plan 2005                          MASTER PLAN 2010 by chapter - (PDF)