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                                     BOARD OF TRUSTEES 

                                       BOARD SYNOPSIS

                                      September 12, 2002

The regular meeting of the Marion Township Board was held on Thursday, September 12, 2002 at the Marion Township Hall, 2877 W. Coon Lake Road, Howell, MI 48843. 

Members Present:  Hanvey, Lingle, Lowe and Schlittler .  Absent: Musson.  The regular board meeting was called to order at 7:33 p.m.  The following action was taken:   1)  Agenda approved, as amended.  2) Tabled Approval of minutes from Regular Board Meeting of August 8, 2002, approval of Ways and Means meeting of August 5, 2002 as written, approval of Ways and Means  meeting of September 12, 2002 as corrected 3) Old Business -  Mahar sewer extension discussion.4) New Business -  Lynn Gates - approved grass seed and top soil application to property, Hometown Village - motion to approve amendment to Master Deed for Hometown Village subject to attorney's review; Cemetery - motion to accept Al Lloyd's resignation as Sexton; motion to appoint Tom Lloyd as new Sexton; motion to accept proposal from Bruce McCullen for architectural services; Bonnet Grinder Pump - motion to table for further investigation; Barry- Manor Land Division Application from Patricia Dhaenens; motion to appoint new member to Planning Commission - Debra Wiedman-Clawson; DPW - motion to approve bills totaling $4,402.23 for DPW Payment; Brian Baker Sewer Request - table to gather more information; Snowplowing - motion to advertise for snowplowing bids for Township Hall; Recreation Plan - motion to approve payment of $1500. to Howell Area Parks And Recreation to do a strategic plan; Appoint Representatives - motion to appoint Sue Lingle to Recreation Dept, motion to appoint Bob Hanvey to Howell Fire Authority; motion to appoint Dan Lowe to MHOG; Workshops - motion to pay members for workshop expenses but no hourly pay, except for staff member's during regular hours; Darakjian REU's - motion to table to explore alternatives. 5) Zoning Administrator's Report 6) DPW Report 7)Parks and Recreation Report 8) ZBA Report 9) For the Good of the Township 10) Call to the Public- Resident would like grading and chloride application to Davis Road, resident asked question regarding other companies requesting cell tower placement at township hall 11) Treasurer's Report -  Approved Treasurer's report and paid bills totaling $61,809.13  9)  Adjourned at 9:35  p.m.


Myrna Schlittler, Clerk